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High performing employees produce around 40% more revenue than average candidates.


Getting the right people to the right jobs and keeping them there is of paramount importance for all companies.  Making the best hiring decisions you can avoid high job turnover rates and invest to your employees. As a result, the use of aptitude tests has become widespread and they are now considered a keystone in the process of identifying the best candidates for an organisation.

A professionally designed platform and a high quality data-base of tests


Cyprus Examination Center provides a professionally designed platform and a high quality data-base of tests which have been carefully developed to always identify the best candidates.

The tests used in our assessment procedures are purposefully designed to help us assess candidates’ skills and competencies on a variety of areas. Moreover our exams are conducted in a professional examination center with high quality infrastructure, so we can guarantee the smooth and reliable operation of the examination process.

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Cyprus Examination Center can facilitate your recruitment procedures and contribute to maximise your employees’ productivity. We remain at your disposal for further explanations about the ways in which you can use Cyprus Examination Center services.

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